Life’s a Beach

As most of you will know as well as the many other activities planned and already happening both on and off the water we are also working hard to clean up our beach with the intention of creating a Community area where Members and Families can come down and enjoy the beach we are so lucky to have at our club. BBQs, get togethers, kids skimming stones and adults enjoying a refreshment whilst looking across the Clyde with friends on a summers evening is all part of the vision the Committee have for our beach. This is something that will not happen overnight but with your help and funds being raised specifically for this cause… is something we all feel and hope is achievable with a bit of hard work and effort.

So what can you do to help?

Keep doing what you are doing! We have had a great response so far and I would like to thank all members that came along and rolled up their sleeves, got involved in the various work parties throughout 2019 and raised money towards the Community Beach Project.

The team effort and sense of Royal West Community has been outstanding even when there were some tough & heavy jobs to be done like #Sleepergate, #Pointthewallgate, #Drystonedykegate and #Howbigsyerbeach. You turned up in great numbers and really made a difference. Having now introduced a Slip cleaning rota you volunteers from across all the sporting disciplines, came forward & not just put your name down but turned up and carried out the work in the month you said you would. I would like to thank you all and hope you continue to support our various work parties & rotas in 2020. If you have never been along to help at a work party before or not for a long time……just turn up…get involved! Bring a flask of coffee and a couple of biscuits…’s not work its socialising with other members at your club and you will be made most welcome.

Coming Soon – Annual Beach Tidy and Removal of Old Trailers

Our beach unfortunately & especially to the East corner is currently littered with rusting old trailers, most of which have not been used for many years or are not used from one year to the next. None of these trailers have any additional storage subscription paid and have been taking up space on our beautiful beach for years. It is the Clubs’ intention to remove this rusting eyesore to not only tidy up the beach but to utilise the area. Have a look yourself at the pictures below……is this what you want to see at your Club?

If you are the rightful owner of any of these trailers we would be grateful if you could let us know or come and remove it. If your trailer has not been removed by the start of March it will be assumed you have no further requirement for it and it will be picked up and locally recycled. Our beach is there to try and provide you with a place for boats that are being used throughout the year. It is not, as it sometimes looks, an old storage yard for boats that are not being used regardless if you are paying a small fee or not. So if you have a vessel on the beach that is not being used or has not been used in the last 12 months then please remove it. I’m more than happy to try and help you remove it……..just drop an email to

The Season Ahead

This years RWSABC Inspection of the Boats will be taking place in the middle of February and this is our normal cue for getting the Club and beach prepared for the fantastic season ahead. So as mentioned above our Annual start of the season Beach and Club tidy will take place on Sunday 9th Feb 11.00. If you are available let me know or just come along on the day (remember your flask and a few extra biscuits for the Beach Convenor).

Once again thank you all so much for your efforts during 2019, and here’s to another great year at the Royal West Scotland.

Stuart Barr
Beach Convenor