****** NEW Boathouse finished ******

For those of you unable to get about the Club and who are not on Facebook, the new Boathouse on the beach is now finished and handed over to the Club for internal fit-out.

Thanks to this incredible donation by Ogilvie Homes we now have a great facility in which to store boats and equipment.

Sporting Convenors will be discussing and agreeing the final internal layout, but it is ready for use right now. One of the Skiffs and the Club RHIB have already been moved in.

If you look above your head when you next sign out a boat there are keys on very big key fobs. Have a look around but remember to turn the key once to dead lock it on the way out and return the key to where you got it.

Formal handover will be agreed with Ogilvie Homes, at which we would appreciate a good turnout by the Members to show our appreciation.