New Paintings and a Drawing at the Royal West

New Vic Chrisite Paintings at the Royal West

Recently 3 new paintings and one drawing have been placed in the Club.

The 3 new paintings are have been hung in the Billiards Room.  These paintings are water colours painted by Vic Christie,  a deceased Member of the Royal West.  Vic Christie was a keen sailor.   A photo of Vic is shown above. 

All of these watercolours are landscapes.  One shows Cardwell Bay.  The locations shown in the 2 other paintings are currently unknown. If you can identify the locations shown in the other 2 paintings that please inform the Honorary Secretary.

The new drawing hung in the Club has been placed in the Bar.  This drawing is a limited edition copy of the original 2010 Drawing of the prototype St. Ayles Skiff.   This printed was purchased at the World Skiffie Championship in Holland in July 2022.  Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition will be used to support St. Ayles Skiffs International who organises the Skiffie World Championships every 3 years. 

The print is signed by David Todd, Iain Oughtred, Alec Jordon and Robbie Wightman.  David Todd was the founder of the Scottish Fisheries Museum in  Anstruther.  He commissioned Iain Oughtred to prepare this drawing to allow for the building of the prototype St. Ayles Skiff .  This plan was used by Alec Jordon to prepare a kit so that communities could build the boat.  As of July 2022 over 400 kits have been sold to communities around the world.   Robbie Wightman was a prime mover who started the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association and was their President for a long number of years.  

The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association is the body who regulates Scottish Coastal Rowing. The Royal West has two St. Ayles skiffs, Birdie Bowers and Chippy McNish.  Chippy is the 12th St. Ayles Skiff built and Birdie is the 20th.  The print of the drawing we have is number 32 of 100 to recognise the hull number of the Royal West Skiffs. 

Drawing of St. Ayles Skiff