New season brings some changes

Year 2017-18 started at the beginning of April, with subs due by the end of April.
There have been a few changes at the Club in the last few weeks.
  1. We have a new Rowing Convenor, Karen Graham. Karen has been a member for a number of years, having rowed for the Club since the mid-90’s.
  2. We have replaced the cellar chiller plant. This should improve the condition of the draught beer.
  3. We have moved to Tennent’s Caledonian as our draught beer supplier. They were already supplying all of our cans and bottles, this has rationalised deliveries and allowed us to widen & update our draught offer. We are now serving Tennent’s Lager, Caledonian Best and Heverlee Lager, as well as retaining Tartan and Guinness.
  4. The security system has been replaced and linked with the new fire detection system. Both then connected to a 24 hr monitoring centre.

Coming up are the following;

  1. Tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd May) the telecoms mast will be taken down. We have retained the fence panels and will be using these elsewhere on the grounds.
  2. Once the mast is away we will be left with a large amount of aggregate in the back garden that we intend using to refinish in front of the boat shed. A work party will be required for this.
  3. Once the mast is down we have asked Ogilvie to remove the fence posts above our engine shed, but more importantly the Ladies Changing Room. This will allow us to have the roofs of both of these buildings resealed.
  4. We are also about to have the brickwork of the south wall of the clubhouse sealed as well.