Number 11 Pair refurb and open day news

Number 11 Pair is now undergoing a general refurbishment at Port Glasgow community development trust project. These are the guys who built our two St Isles Skiffs, Birdie Bowers and Chippy McNish. John Glover and his trainees will be stripping down the boat then varnishing both inside and outside,replacing worn or split planks and generally giving it a refresh ready for the water. This is part of our plan to implement a rolling maintenance program for the fleet. We plan to add to our website a repair matrix / spreadsheet which tracks the maintenance and works carried out on the fleet so the membership can see at a glance when the boats last had works carried out. Our boats are our heritage and need maintenance but they also need to be used.

We think No 11 pair is one of the original and oldest boats in the fleet as its a slightly different shape from the other pairs, it’s around 100 years old so deserves some TLC

Just to remind you that we have a regular Thursday night from 6.30 at the club where people who would like to try Rowing come down and get on the water with one of our 3 Rowing coaches, this is open to non members for a period of temporary membership and is good fun in a very relaxed and safe environment, we provide all the necessary safety equipment

Our next family and invited guests day takes place on Saturday the 28th of July from 1pm, lets hope the summer has started by then !!

Alex Paterson
Captain of Boats