The 2011 Oban Sea Kayak Race will take place on Saturday 3rd September 2011.
George MaCallum will be representing the club in this event and has been training hard over the last couple of months.
We all wish George every success in the race.
A number of us are going to support George on the day, probably paddling from the Puffin Dive Centre to paddle North up the sound of Kerrera to Oban Bay.
Also Oban Sea Kayak and Kari tek are having a demo day and Oban sea kayaks are also having a sale in their shop.
If you are interested we are going to be leaving early on Saturday morning (7.00am at the club to load kayaks) getting the ferry across the Clyde
The idea is to take the minimum number of cars because parking may be a problem
Race details
The course:
• The start line lies between North Pier and the Caledonian MacBrayne South Pier (Railway Steps), position approx: 56deg 24.86′ N, 005deg 28.39′ W, Ordnance Survey Grid Reference NM 858 301.
• South through the Sound of Kerrera, keeping the Island of Kerrera to starboard throughout.
• Turn right at Rubha Seannoch (Kerrera’s most southerly tip). Pass between Bach Island and Rubha na Feundain (Kerrera’s southwest tip).
• Continue north up the west side of Kerrera. N.B. From Rubha na Lice, across Slatrach Bay, it is very important to keep all of the islands and islets (Eilean nan Gamhna, Eilean nam Uan and several reefs which flood at high water) on the northwest coast of Kerrera to port, still keeping Kerrera to starboard to avoid the seal colony, see right.
• Keep the salmon farm floating structures along the northwest Kerrera coast to port.
• Turn right at Rubha’ Bhearnaig into the approach to Oban Bay: N.B. Be very aware of fast approaching ferries, which leave a large wash, this can be especially hazardous in the shallow reef waters. Leave both fixed navigational marks (red lights) to starboard.
• Keep as close to the shore of Rudha’ Chruidh island (northeast Kerrera), as is safe, cross Oban Bay to the finish line keeping the North Cardinal Buoy to port. If a ferry is close or looming, it is strongly recommended that paddlers keep to the south end of Rudha Chruidh to starboard before making the crossing of Oban Bay, in order to comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREG Rule 9 Narrow Channels). N.B. Any contravention of IRPCS 1972 will result in disqualification from the race.
• Finish Oban Bay (south) The Finish lies approximately 300m east of the South Cardinal Buoy in Dungallan Park. Kayaks should be safely beached at the dingy park slip/beach, paddlers should then make their way by foot through the dingy park, following the marked route to the timekeepers.
• The race is deemed complete once the paddlers laminated number has been handed and recorded by the timekeepers.