Ogilvies Development – Latest News

As part of the ongoing Ogilvies development the remainder of the old fence & metalwork are likely to be removed in the coming days. This is ahead of the wall being reduced in height from next week.

It is being reduced to approximately 1100mm high on our side from the back of the new Boathouse through to just before the Ladies Changing room at the rear.

Almost all of the work will be undertaken from the other side of the wall, so minimal disruption on our side.

We have negotiated retaining some of the stone to build up the ground level in front and to the West of the new Boathouse. This should give us protection from erosion and possibly some usable space.

The stone will be deposited to the West of the Boathouse for us to use and it would be good if each member could find a few hours in the coming weeks to help relocate it.