Paddle sports winter programme

Duncan Winning a world authority on the history of sea kayaking has agreed to give a talk on the origins and history of sea kayaking this winter all welcome Date to be announced

Duncan has also kindly agreed to also run a workshop on how to make your own inuit Eskimo style paddle ( see Julia’s new toy) again the date to be announced

Martime connections of Troon have offered to run a VHF radio operators course for a discounted fee of £50 per person plus £30 RYA examination fee max number of places 12 Date to be annouced if you are interested contact Dave Marquis

There will also be a lectures on
winter paddling what gear to carry and why
Packing a sea kayak for multiday trips

Winter pool sessions it is hoped that we will be getting pool session at Port Glasgow the cost, night and times have yet to be arranged but it is looking good thanks to the efforts of Jonny Bruce
we are trying to access a Coach who can run the BCU coastal and open sea tidal planing and Navigation courses because thses course can only be run by certain levels of coaches we will need to pay the going commercial rate for these two one day course DTBA