Raid on England went well

There was a raid on England by member clubs of the SCRA during the Annan Harbour Festival on Saturday. The purpose was to liberate some church bells stolen by the English in the 1600’s. One of our members, who has been working with the local community to encourage the formation of a club, Ian Clark, attended the festival for the weekend and went out in one of the safety boats from where he took the following photos of the participant clubs.

Boatie Blest (1st)

Carrick (2nd)

Troon (3rd)

The crew who made it from Annan to Bowness first, recovering the bell and the honour of Annan, was Boatie Blest. They get to keep the bell and return to defend thier title next year.

Local man Roy Kerr is to be commended for all his hard work organising the event.