repairs to the GRP sea kayaks

Over the passed 7 weeks Dave and Forbes have been busy repairing the GRP Sea Kayaks we are keeping
the white Calypso has had all the gel coat repairs fixed
the Red Calypso has had a new foam seat fitted and gel coat repairs caried out the two North shore shore lines have had new foam seats fitted and gel coat repairs The FEUGO also had extensive gel coat repairs and a kelel strip added to the hull
Also a major repair was carried out on Forbes owm boat by Dave which involved taking an angle rinder to a section of his keel line close to the bow and cutting out an 8″ section that had delaminated after that the hole was chamfered and 3 lays of glass cloth were laminated on the inside of the hull the void on the outside was filled sanded then a 1m length of his keel strip was replaced ith woven tape sanded and then two layers of gel coat applied ans sanded, wet and dry sanded we also repaired the damage to his bow and stern the result of Forbes kayak comming of a car roof at 40mph