Royal West ‘Beer Garden’ 10 July (5-8pm), 11 & 12 July (2-8pm)

From 6 July the Scottish Government is allowing Outdoor Hospitality venues to open.  The Royal West is planning to have a Beer Garden on the Back Green on Friday, 10 July (5-8pm) and Saturday / Sunday 11 & 12 July (2-8pm).

We have high confidence that this will go ahead but check the Royal West Website from Friday to confirm the Beer Garden will be open.

There are special measures being implemented to allow this to take place in a safe way that minimises the risk of COVID transmission.

Important points from the procedures:

  • Social distancing of 2m between different households to be maintained at all times
  • Only RWSABC Members and their household may use the Beer Garden
  • Maximum group size is 4 with a maximum of 3 households in the group
  • Enter and exit the Royal West site using the stairs to the left of the main doors
  • Send one person to the bar to get all drinks (we’ll provide trays) and go in via the West door of the balcony
  • Bring you own pen for writing
  • The person getting drinks is to sign all people in and out (Part of Scotland’s Test & Protect procedures)
  • Pay by card, have exact change or expect to make a donation of the change due to RWSABC
  • Once you have your drinks carry them down to the Beer Garden using the rear stairs
  • Use the hand sanitiser frequently
  • Spray down you table and chairs with the provided spray when you arrive and when you leave
  • Dispose of the plastic cups used in the bins provided

Further details are provided in the document you can read by following the link below.  Please review and understand this document before coming down to the Beer Garden.

RWSABC COVID Beer Garden Opening Procedures V2 <– This is a Link to the Procedures you are to follow to enjoy the Beer Garden.

Remember R.W.S.A.B.C

Read the guidance before you come down
Wash or sanitize your hands, table & chairs when you arrive
Survive your visit to the Club without catching anything
Again, wash or sanitize your hands, table & chairs before leaving
Beat it promptly when you are finished, someone else may want your table
Covid-19 has no cure, so stick to the procedures