RWSABC Clothing and Bags for sale

The Committee has received requests from Members wanting to purchase RWSABC badged clothing and bags. We have sourced a local supplier and have some stock for sale.

Below is a listing of the items currently in stock along with prices.

Sales will take place on advertised nights at the Club or you can purchase across the Bar for delivery later.

Currently the following items are for sale:

  • Polo Shirts in Red or Blue – £20
  • Hooded Tops in Red or Blue – £30
  • Jackets in Red or Blue – £45
  • Large or Small RWSABC Bags – Large Bags: £35 Small Bag: £25


RWSABC Cloting and Bags for sale with prices

The Next Date for the sale of items will be Tuesday, 30 August at 7:30pm