This talk by Sarah Brown, Wise Scheme Instructor, will give you an insight into the diverse marine wildlife around our coast. Do you know the difference between a bottlenose and a common dolphin? Can you tell a grey seal from a harbour seal? Want to know more about the sex life of a basking shark? It’s all here in this fun and informative talk.

The Wise Scheme was set up by a group of marine wildlife and boating enthusiasts. The aim of the scheme is to provide information about how to recognise and avoid disturbance of wildlife while out on your boat, whether you are a commercial operator or a pleasure boater. Many of us have accidentally sent seals crashing into the sea or perhaps seen others behaving poorly when whales and dolphins are about but what is right or wrong behaviour and what can you do to avoid prosecution under new wildlife laws? This hour long talk and discussion will give you a useful guide to what wildlife is out there and what to do when you see it.

Supported by Scottish Natural Heritage

In The Clubhouse Hall
Friday 15th May 2015, 7pm

Admission for Members and Friends