Saturday beach tidy and boat shed storage news

Our beach convener Alisdair has arranged a beach tidy on Saturday the 25th of July at 10am, mainly to deal with the weeds, this is preparation for our Clyde Swim event and our Regatta

 This should only take a couple of hours & more hands make this easier, even you don’t use the beach and may be a social member this work is essential to ensure we all have pleasant out look over the Clyde so please join in, its usually a good laugh. 

Alisdair will also be cleaning both slips at the most convenient low tide this week so would advise caution if your using them over the week

Today we had a total redesign of the racing shed and boat storage, new racks have been built in the racing shed to house both Jolly boats which have been stored in the battery part shed for a number of years, this gets them under the one roof for some time, so if you cant find something  it’s probably just been moved about. New racks have also been built in the main boat shed  which can accommodate other boats. This was a considerable amount of work which was undertaken by a few members so a big thanks to everyone who gave up a precious Saturday..

Zebra now sits on a bespoke galvanized boat trolley to ease its movement about the hard and to launch off the slip, Zebra will be 50 Years old soon so anything which makes it easier to launch and avoids damage to the boat (and users !) will be helpful,

 Hope you can make it along on Saturday

 Alex Paterson VP