Snooker at the Club

Most of the year we spend our time on the water or outside at the Club. But we have great indoor facilities that really come into their own in the darker and colder months. This weekend we have a day of Movies on Saturday, that will see the place busy from 2:30pm until the wee hours of Sunday.

Tucked away at the back of the Hall is a great Club asset, the Snooker Room. As well as containing the snooker table it is where we set up catering, store instruments during gigs, put the piano when we need the space in the hall, also storing spare chairs for the Hall.

It is a great multi-purpose space, but we should not lose sight of the primary purpose of this space, for playing snooker. The Committee’s attention was drawn to it this week by a Member and we have taken advise from John Parrot Sport before ordered a new set of 2 1/16″ balls, also a new cover for the table. These should arrive today.

As the Club gets busier, spaces within the clubhouse and grounds become more valuable. Multi-function spaces like the Snooker Room need to be respected by all groups of Members using them, so we don’t negatively impact on the asset we have there.