Talk on Long Rows – Thurs 9th March

As part of the wonderful series of talks and workshops organised this year by Tom Kater, there is a talk on Thursday 9th March by Hugh Kerr covering the famous (or infamous) Long Rows.

These were unsupported privately organised rowing trips, normally outside the Mull of Kintyre, predominantly undertaken in Zebra. They ranged from simple circumnavigations of Arran up to trips to Ireland and even an attempt to reach St. Kilda.

During his research Hugh has spoken to some of the participants, gathering first hand accounts, photos and other relevant materials. These will all combine to create an interesting insight into a period of the Club’s relatively recent history when adventurous spirits and self reliance were at the fore.

We are expecting a number of the participants of the 18-20 Long Rows to be in attendance. No doubt keen to share their memories of time spent in Zebra and other boats. Anyone interested in understanding this period of our history and maybe considering similar trips in rowing boats, kayaks or dinghies, would be advised to take this opportunity to meet the folk who did it in the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s.

The photograph above was taken in 2011 and is of the 40th anniversary reunion of the squad that rowed Zebra to Skye and back in 1971.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec
(Long Row ’84, ’86 & ’88)