Updated COVID Procedures for Beer Garden and Water Sports at RWSABC 10 July 2020

There have been updates to the COVID Procedures for the Beer Garden and Water Sports at the Royal West.

The only change for Water Sports is that 4 households may now go on an outing together.  The maximum group size remains the same at 4 persons.

The most recent water sports procedures can be found at the link shown below:

RWSABC COVID Phase 2 Procedures V5 updated 10 July  <– This is the link to current Water Sports COVID procedures

There has also been an update to the procedures for the opening of the Beer Garden.  The change here, compared to previous versions, is to allow group sizes of up to 6 persons.  These groups must be limited to a maximum of 4 households.

RWSABC COVID Bar and Clubhouse Initial Opening Procedures V3 <– This is the link to the current Beer Garden COVID procedures

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date with the changing procedures.  Keep Safe!

RWSABC Committee