Updated COVID Procedures for Water Sports 30 August 2020

To allow Rowing and Kayak Instruction to recommence the COVID Procedures for the Royal West have been updated.

The major changes since the last version are:

  • The areas for sporting activity has been divided into zones.  Each zone has a maximum number of people that can be present within the zone.  Please see page 8 and 9 of the new guidance to know how many people can be present in each zone.
  • There are now INFORMAL and FORMAL Activities at the Royal West.  Until present all sporting activity at the Royal West would have fallen into the INFORMAL category.  The addition of FORMAL Activities allows for ‘Field of Play Bubbles’ where social distancing rules can be relaxed.  Please see pages 5, 6 & 7 for clarification of the difference between FORMAL and INFORMAL activities.
  • Procedures for FORMAL activities have been added for Kayaking, Rowing and Open Water Swimming.  These are contained in Section 4 of the Procedures which begins on Page 31 of the guidance.

If you are participating in Sporting Activities at the Royal West you should take a look at and become familiar with the updated Procedures.  

You can see these procedures by following this Link.

RWSABC COVID Water Sports Phase 3 Procedures Most Current Version