‘Virtual’ Surfski / Sea Kayak Races – October 2020

Our Tail o’ the Bank Race was one of many events that fell victim to Covid-19.

As an alternative, we decided to host ‘virtual’ 5k and 10k races, whereby participants could set their own courses on home waters.

The club provided medals for the winners of various categories, and Certificates of Achievement for all participants.

Interestingly, the event took on a bit of an international flavour. The winner of the male 5k and 10k surfski categories was Robert Lang, an ex-scot, who submitted his entries from Canada. Heidi Sheehy, from County Wicklow in Ireland, was awarded the female 10k surfski medal.

Lizelle Kemp, from Dunbar, was the fasted female in a surfski over 5k, whilst Susan Smith, from Helensburgh, was female medal winner in both the 5k and 10k sea kayak categories. Our own Colin Campbell was fastest male sea kayaker over both distances.

The ‘virtual’ races were a success and showed what could be achieved even with Covid-19 restrictions in place. However, let’s hope we can hold our real Tail o’ the Bank Race next year.

The full results are shown below.