Virtual Surfski / Sea Kayak Races – October 2020

Virtual Surfski / Sea Kayak Races – October 2020
5 or 10 Kilometres on Home Waters

As a result of Covid-19, the Tail o’ the Bank Race had to be cancelled this year. However, as an alternative, Royal West is inviting entries for virtual races in October.

Participants can set their own courses on the sea, loch, or lake. Routes must start and finish at the same place to minimise the effect of wind, tidal stream or current.

Entries should be recorded during October and emailed to with the heading Virtual Race and must specify:
Name / Male or Female / Distance / Craft used / Time taken (mins. & secs.)
Participants must attach evidence of their course, and time, by way of a screenshot from Garmin, Strava, Endomondo, or another recognised GPS tracker.

The course must be completed continuously. It is the overall elapsed time that counts. Competitors are not permitted to stop recording until the relevant distance has been covered.

Paddlers are asked to submit entries shortly after completion to ease maintenance of a leaderboard and to provide an incentive of times to beat. There is no entry fee nor limit on entries, so individuals can have as many attempts as they wish.

Participants are encouraged to send photos on the understanding that Royal West may use them for publicity purposes. However, photos are not essential.

Royal West will collate the entries and post an updated leaderboard weekly under the ‘News’ tab on the RWSABC website and on the RWSABC Kayakers’ Facebook page. All entries must be lodged by midnight (GMT) on 31st October 2020. Winners will be announced in early November and the final results posted as aforementioned.

Entries in each race distance will be split into four categories:

Surfskis and Fast Sea Kayaks (Male)

Surfskis and Fast Sea Kayaks (Female)

Conventional Sea Kayaks (Male)

Conventional Sea Kayaks (Female)

Categorisation of craft will be determined solely by the Royal West.

Medals and certificates will be sent by royal mail to the category winners (5k and 10k). Certificates of Completion will be sent by e-mail to every entrant.

Safety and responsibility:
• The nature of the event is such that the Royal West cannot accept responsibility for any incident that might occur.
• Please ensure you are properly prepared and only paddle in conditions, and in a locale, you are comfortable with.
• Do not paddle solo, unless it is something you often do.
• Carry a means of calling for help. (VHF, Mobile ‘phone, Whistle, PLB).
• Safety is your responsibility. If in any doubt, do not paddle.

Any questions relating to the event should be sent to

There will be plenty of nice days in October, so let’s get out and log a few entries!