West Coast Paddlers ‘Flat Water Symposium’

Dear Club Members,

My name is Peter Benson, I am the treasurer of West Coast Paddlers who are based in Ayrshire. We are a relatively new club having formed just over a year ago. We have been awarded some money by the Lottery ‘Investing In Ideas’ fund which allows us to run an event as part of a wider feasibility study.

Our event ‘Flat Water Symposium’ is designed to bring as many paddlers as we can together for a day of skills coaching on Saturday 29 March 2014 at Semple Loch , Lochwinnoch followed by a day of trips led by the attending coaches on the Firth of Clyde on Sunday 30 March 2014

The event will also have the demo fleets of Sea Kayak Oban, Kayak Bute and Karitek in attendance. One of the highlights will be kayak sailing using the soon to be released P&H sailing rig.

We are able to run the event at a loss due to the lottery fund support. The cost of the event is £20 which covers the T shirt, goodie bag, BBQ after Saturdays activities and Sundays paddles.

We have a website set up at  www.westcoastpaddlers.org.uk set up to facilitate registration.

I would be grateful if you would consider sharing details of the event with your membership lest they be interested in attending.

If you require any other information please contact me or symposium@westcoastpaddler.org.uk

Best regards

Peter Benson

West Coast Paddlers