Work Party – update

Thanks to all who turned out yesterday morning.

Mat H, George C, Norman C, Colin W, Hugh J, Campbell Mc, Karen G, Liz Mc, Rose S, Ian W, Dick D, also a couple of our newer members Derek & Paddy.

We manged to relocate the skiffs, dismantle & remove the old kayak storage frame, relocate the old windsurfers, relocate the sailing shed and disconnect the power to the container.

Once the Tail o’ The Bank event is finished next Saturday the Rescue Boat will be secured on the beach, ready for the container to be removed. We also need to relocate the Sailing flagpole, bench and bin in the coming week.

Ogilvies are likely to start in early September and will be fencing off their work area everywhere West of the blue barrel on the hard, round to their gate at the top of the MOD slipway. We would ask the membership to respect this enclosure and be mindful of it, from a security point of view, when coming and going past the Club. We want to be as helpful and supportive as possible to Ogilvies in light of their very kind donation.

While pulling old windsurfers out from behind the container we discovered the various boats in the picture below. They are now on the hard just below the Repair Shed. If the owners would like to claim them and find appropriate storage that would be great, otherwise they will be disposed of at the end of October.

Next big event is of course the Tail o’ The Bank Event next Saturday. Hope to see as many of you down competing, helping out or simply enjoying the spectacle next weekend