You could not have written it

On Thursday night last, while waiting for the squad to arrive to load Chippy for our adventures in Maidens, we heard a shout from a small yacht that was tacking near the Club beach.

We thought he was asking about coming ashore with his yacht and went down the beach to shout him off. As I got to the top of the middle slip I could see the reason for him waving and shouting. His tender was washed ashore on the beach to the West of the middle slip. The rising tide was about to push it onto the concrete clunks.

A group of us lifted it to safety and then tried to work out a means of getting it back to the yacht, as he obviuosly needed it to get ashore wherever he was going. At that Campbell McCall was sighted, considering whether to go out for a swim. Never one to avoid a challenge, he donned his wetsuit and rowed the tender out to the thankful yachtsman then swam back to shore with the explanation as to what had happened.

On the yacht’s arrival at the mouth of the Leven he had noticed his tender was missing. He then backtracked down the South shore of the river until he was about to turn back, accepting the loss of his tender, when he noticed it on our beach. His next problem was how to retreive it. Then he saw three guys walk down to the hard and stand chatting. That is how the story started