The hall is available for private functions booked by members. We ask that the Club member making the booking attends the function, taking responsibility for it. This gives the committee a single member with whom we can communicate to make sure that everyone’s expectations are met.

The website tab below will give you more information about how to book a private function.

Available dates can be checked in the 2017 & 2018 Function Diaries in the Bar.

There is a tab on the website where you can have a look at what is coming up.

Below are the current functions and events in the diary for the next 5 months
Nov-Dec 2017 events calendar V2
Jan-March 2018 events calendar V1

There are a series of talks being arranged for primarily Thursday evenings in January-March

Keep an eye out for more detail on the events in the weeks running up to them.

Hon. Sec.

Members are politely reminded of the following extract from the Constitution :

Clause 22.4 No visitor shall be supplied with excisable liquor in the Club premises except on the invitation and in the company of a Member; the Member shall on admitting such a visitor to the Club enter the visitor’s name and address and their own name in the book kept for the purpose which shall show the date of such visit.


Adam Graham – Honorary Secretary

After Inverclyde Council’s Fireworks Display in Battery Park there will be a warm welcome for all members and their guests at the Club.

We have the materials for a bonfire and would welcome assistance at 11am on Saturday morning to build it.


Below is an exert from the 2015 display

Fireworks 2015

Below is a video of 2016 display
2016 Fireworks

As with the Council event, this is free to attend.

The next couple of weekends will be busy at the Club

Frid 27th Oct – October Boat Club Session
Sat 28th Oct – 10am-4pm Ogilvie Homes sales event
Sat 28th Oct – Evening private function

Sat 4th Nov – Bonfire & Fireworks at the Club

Will let you know when we need help to build the bonfire.

Saturday morning from 9am-12noon the local branch of RNLI are holding a Coffee Morning and Christmas Card sale in the clubhouse.

Please attend and support this worthy cause, which we all rely on but hopefully will not need to use.

Hi all,

If you are storing any private boats inside the clubhouse this year please make sure that the appropriate fees have been paid.

As you will appreciate, with the increased number of private boats, space is at a premium. Some consideration is being given to additional covered & secure storage, that hopefully we can put in place during the winter.


Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.


The kayaks in the locked Kayak Shed are all privately owned and under no circumstances should they be used without the permission of the owner. There are plenty of Club kayaks accessible in the main shed.

Furthermore, as required in the Club’s Byelaws, all boat being launched must be signed out and in again, in the book provided for this purpose. Any damage to boats must be reported in the same book when they are signed back in.This covers private and Club owned boats.

Anyone found to be using privately owned boats or equipment without the owner’s permission may be referred to the Management Committee.

Adam Graham
Honorary Secretary

Our winter bar hours come into effect at the start of October.

From Monday 2nd October until Monday 26th March the Bar will not open on a Monday night.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

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