As intimated in the Greenock Telegraph today, George’s funeral will take place this Saturday morning. The funeral cortege will be leaving from his home at approximately 9:45am.

We would respectfully ask that Members visiting the Club avoid parking cars on that side of the Esplanade from lunchtime on Friday until after the cars have left to progress along the Esplanade on Saturday.

As the service at St. Mary’s R.C. Church is private and there will be restrictions on numbers at Knocknairshill Cemetery, it may be appropriate for the Members to show their respects as George passes his second home.

From 6 July the Scottish Government is allowing Outdoor Hospitality venues to open.  The Royal West is planning to have a Beer Garden on the Back Green on Friday, 10 July (5-8pm) and Saturday / Sunday 11 & 12 July (2-8pm).

We have high confidence that this will go ahead but check the Royal West Website from Friday to confirm the Beer Garden will be open.

There are special measures being implemented to allow this to take place in a safe way that minimises the risk of COVID transmission.

Important points from the procedures:

  • Social distancing of 2m between different households to be maintained at all times
  • Only RWSABC Members and their household may use the Beer Garden
  • Maximum group size is 4 with a maximum of 3 households in the group
  • Enter and exit the Royal West site using the stairs to the left of the main doors
  • Send one person to the bar to get all drinks (we’ll provide trays) and go in via the West door of the balcony
  • Bring you own pen for writing
  • The person getting drinks is to sign all people in and out (Part of Scotland’s Test & Protect procedures)
  • Pay by card, have exact change or expect to make a donation of the change due to RWSABC
  • Once you have your drinks carry them down to the Beer Garden using the rear stairs
  • Use the hand sanitiser frequently
  • Spray down you table and chairs with the provided spray when you arrive and when you leave
  • Dispose of the plastic cups used in the bins provided

Further details are provided in the document you can read by following the link below.  Please review and understand this document before coming down to the Beer Garden.

RWSABC COVID Beer Garden Opening Procedures V2 <– This is a Link to the Procedures you are to follow to enjoy the Beer Garden.

Remember R.W.S.A.B.C

Read the guidance before you come down
Wash or sanitize your hands, table & chairs when you arrive
Survive your visit to the Club without catching anything
Again, wash or sanitize your hands, table & chairs before leaving
Beat it promptly when you are finished, someone else may want your table
Covid-19 has no cure, so stick to the procedures

It is with the deepest of regret that we intimate the passing today of George Hossack.

Mary and the family asked the Club inform the membership that he passed away peacefully at home.

We will of course keep you informed of any funeral arrangements and how we can all pay our respects.

Given that people can now travel more than 5 miles for outdoor activities there is a minor update to the Phase 2 procedures for Water Sports at RWSABC.

The most significant change has been the removal of the restriction of people taking their boats away from the Club and returning them.  This is now allowed so long as you wash your craft down well upon returning it to the Royal West.

One other notable change is that while taking your boat out after dark is not allowed multi-day journey from the Royal West are allowed as long as other Scottish Government restrictions are observed.  Note that at present ‘wild camping’ is not allowed.

RWSABC COVID Phase 2 Procedures V4 updated 5 July  <- Click here to download the revised procedure

The updated procedure can be accessed from the Link above.

One other change included in the document is information on space in front of the Repair Shed for Kayak repairs.

The Committee has considered the Scottish Government announcement concerning Phase 2 restrictions related to the COVID Pandemic.

In light of this announcement there have been minor changes to the RWSABC Procedures that were in place for Phase 1.

The only significant change moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 procedures at the Royal West is that 3 households may now meet compared to 2 households in Phase 1.

If you wish to review the current procedures follow the link below:

 RWSABC COVID Phase 2 Procedures V2      <—- Link to PDF file of the Procedures

The re-opening will be monitored and may be curtailed if circumstances dictate.

This re-opening is for MEMBERS ONLY.


Please read the guidance we have published on the attached. There is a simple message within it

R. - Read the guidance about how many folk and which boats

W. - Wash your hands and the boat

S. - Survive your outing without incident

A. - Again, wash your hands and the boat before you put it away

B. - Beat it promptly when you are finished

C. - Covid-19 has no cure, so stick to the rules

Following the Scottish Government statement at lunchtime today and issue of the updated Routemap, the Management Committee will be reviewing the current restrictions to use of the Club. From an initial review these will probably be very minor changes to the procedures.

One point of note is that there can be no move to re-open any form of bar operation before a further review by the Scottish Government set for 2nd July.

Keep an eye on the website, Facebook pages and your email inbox for any changes agreed.

Following consideration of the guidance and statements issued by the agencies listed below we feel that the Club can re-open for water sports on a very restricted basis from tomorrow morning, Saturday 30th May 2020.

  • Scottish Government
  • Peel Ports
  • Marine & Coastguard Agency
  • RNLI
  • SportsScotland
  • RYA Scotland
  • Scottish Canoe Association
  • Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

The conditions under which members can re-start water sports are laid out in the attached document and MUST be adhered to.

RWSABC COVID Phase 1 Procedures V3         <—- Link to PDF Version

Click on the link above to get the PDF version of the Procedures

RWSABC COVID Phase 1 Procedures V3    <—-Link to Power Point Version

Click on the link above to get the Power Point version of the Procedures

We taken the Procedures shown above and we made a video that talks you through them.  This video lasts 10m30s and it is available on You Tube.  Click on the link below to see that video.

RWSABC COVID Phase 1 Procedures Video    <—-Link to Video describing the Procedures

The re-opening will be monitored and may be curtailed if circumstances dictate.

This re-opening is for MEMBERS ONLY.



Please read the guidance we have published on the attached. There is a simple message within it

R. – Read the guidance about how many folk and which boats

W. – Wash your hands and the boat

S. – Survive your outing without incident

A. - Again, wash your hands and the boat before you put it away

B. - Beat it promptly when you are finished

C. – Covid-19 has no cure, so stick to the rules


We have three key markers that all need to be in line
1. Approval of Scottish Government
2. Approval of the relevant marine agencies & governing bodies
3. Internal Club procedures

Once all of these in place we can commence the re-opening process.

  • The announcement this afternoon by the First Minister that Phase One of the Routemap is to be implemented, satisfies the first of our markers.
  • We are monitoring updates from the relevant agencies and governing bodies this afternoon, to see if the second of our markers is satisfied
  • We will feed any comments from these agencies and governing bodies into the guidance we already have prepared, in order to complete this guidance before issuing it

Rest assured, Committee Members are as eager as any other Member to get afloat, and we are working hard to make sure this happens as soon as possible.

Please bear with us as we assess any new guidance published today.

Adam Graham
Hon. Sec.

Following the release of the Scottish Government Routemap the Management Committee is developing procedures so that the use of boats and the river can recommence safely, as soon as all the relevant maritime agencies and the Scottish Government deem it appropriate to do so.

These procedures will be in place to protect Members and will need to be adhered to. When this document is published please read it carefully and assess for yourself is they allow you to return to your chosen watersport. It may be the case that it is not appropriate for you to return at this time.

Please monitor this website for more information.

The Subscriptions were set based on an emergency budget for the year, which took into account the expected fixed costs to maintain the building, cover insurance, utilities, etc. This had to be balanced against the reduced income expected from hall rentals, functions, events, fundraising etc., also an expected 15% drop in the number of members renewing.

So how are we getting on seven weeks after the Subscriptions Notices went out?
1. We had more folk renew in the first fortnight than in the whole of April last year.
2. 63% of members from last year have renewed to date
3. There has been a large uptake on 200 Club membership, meaning a boost to the prize fund each month
4. The income to date through Subs, donations, boat storage & profit from the 200 Club equates to 98% of the emergency income figure budgeted.

In summary you folks have been astounding.

The membership have demonstrated their support for the Club by adhering to the restrictions placed on them even during some of the best Spring weather in years, but also by paying your Subs quickly.

With the required income guaranteed, the Management Committee can move on with confidence to plan for the re-opening of the Club, as and when this is appropriate.

We are constantly reviewing guidance from the various governing bodies as well as monitoring advice from the relevant maritime agencies. We are also starting to consider operational issues in and about the clubhouse, so that we are prepared for any relaxation of Sottish Government restrictions when the come.

We were quick to close the Club down in March, so want to be ready to re-open in whatever new form as soon as is safe to do so.

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